Therapy for ModernWomen

In a world that values quick fixes and instant-gratification above all else, making the choice to pursue therapy is a radical act of self-love.

  • Are you burned out from the pursuit of impossible perfection? 
  • Does everyone think you "have it all," but you feel like a fraud?
  • Do you worry about being liked so much that it comes at a steep cost to your well being?
  • Are you struggling to understand true self care?
  • Is your relationship or career on the rocks with no clear path forward?

Your pain is real. Maybe you've worked hard to get where you are, but despite having a "good" life you feel guilty that it's not fulfilling or "enough." You can't help but daydream about getting a break from your life no matter how good it may seem to others. You may even feel desperate by the time you're reading this, but I understand you're ready for lasting change. What if you could create a life for yourself that you don't have to regularly escape from? I offer the space to help sort through what needs to change.

Let's get to work.

Portrait of Rachel Gabrielle.
Photo of view from office overlooking Westlake in Seattle.

Counseling Services

I practice modern Psychodynamic and Feminist therapy. "Psychodynamic" is a complicated way of saying I practice depth oriented therapy that strives to identify the core issues in a person's life. We will slow things down so we can begin to understand the patterns that otherwise happen quickly and outside of your awareness. Commonly, people come to see me when other treatments haven't worked for them and are looking for something more meaningful. I encourage you to read about the effectiveness of psychodynamic therapy and see if this could be the right approach for you.

Psychodynamic therapy treats the person, not a diagnosis, as no two cases of depression or anxiety look the same. Our first order of business is to develop a shared understanding of what is wrong, which provides us with a focus and may take multiple sessions to achieve. Then it is my job to create a space where you can do your job - to speak as freely as possible about what is wrong. There is no pre-determined treatment length and your problems are neither too big or too small to receive this kind of help.

Successful outcomes of psychodynamic therapy include: greater sense of safety/security in relationships, more realistic sense of self and others, increased sense of personal agency, realistic and reliable self assessment, increased emotional resilience, greater capacity for reflection, and increased sense of vitality (adapted from Nancy McWilliams).

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Rachel Gabrielle


Intersectional feminist. Psychotherapist. Candy Freak.

Hi, I’m Rachel. I help womxn of all backgrounds realize their full potential through my practical therapeutic sensibility. I am discerning. I am no-nonsense. I am sick of the status quo. I look for meaning where others do not.  I love the delicate art of depth oriented work that is so hard to find in our current self help climate and continue to pursue myself. Counseling was not my first career (or even my second), but as I grew to accept my own gifts and talents instead of trying to squeeze into the box I thought I should be in, I finally found where I belong.

By now you’ve seen all of the letters that come after my name. Those are hard-won, but not the most important piece of our potential journey together. I have over a decade of experience in mental health and have a fondness for working with the complexities women bring to my office. My true passion is seeing my clients grow to not need me anymore. And maybe dismantling the patriarchy while we’re at it.

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Portrait of Rachel Gabrielle.