Therapy for Modern Women

In a world that values quick fixes and instant-gratification above all else, making the choice to pursue therapy is a radical act of self-love.

  • Are you burned out from the impossible pursuit of perfection? 
  • Does everyone think you "have it all," but you feel like a fraud?
  • Do you worry about being liked so much that you ignore your own needs?
  • Does insecurity seep into everything you do?
  • Is your relationship or career on the rocks with no clear path forward?

Your pain is real. I help anxiety prone women stop doubting themselves so they can start living by their own rules instead of everyone else's. I can help you define your needs, hear your own voice, and communicate unapologetically. Our work together will give you the clarity and confidence you need to make the right choices for your life so you can stop daydreaming about escaping from it.

Let's get to work.

Portrait of Rachel Gabrielle standing near a window
Photo of view from office overlooking Westlake in Seattle.

Depth Therapy for Women in Greater Seattle and Across Washington State

True self care can mean taking a look at the things in your life that you've been avoiding. That's where I come in. I help women connect their problems to their larger story and make sense of it all. Together, we will get to the root of your suffering instead of putting a band aid on it. Your treatment will be unique to you, but outcomes of this mysterious work can look like:

  • Profound shifts in your personal narrative
  • Greater satisfaction in relationships
  • Defined personal boundaries
  • Effective communication skills
  • Acceptance of your individuality
  • Developed inner strength
  • Increased tolerance for the inevitable pain we all experience in life
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Rachel Gabrielle


Psychotherapist. Ponderer. Pop Culture Savant.

Hi, I’m Rachel. I help women of all backgrounds realize their full potential through my practical therapeutic sensibility. I love the delicate art of depth oriented work that is so hard to find in our current self help climate and continue to pursue myself. Counseling was not my first career (or even my second), but as I grew to accept my own gifts and talents instead of trying to squeeze into the box I thought I should be in, I finally found where I belong.

By now you’ve seen all of the letters that come after my name. Those are hard-won, but not the most important piece of our potential journey together. I have over a decade of experience in mental health and am an approved clinical supervisor in Washington State. My true passion is seeing my clients grow to not need me anymore. And maybe dismantling the patriarchy while we’re at it.

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Portrait of Rachel Gabrielle