Therapy for ModernWomen

In a world that values quick fixes and instant-gratification above all else, making the choice to pursue therapy is a revolutionary act of self-love.

  • Are you burned out from the pursuit of impossible perfection? 
  • Does everyone think you "have it all," but you feel like a fraud?
  • Do you worry about being liked so much that it comes at a steep cost to your well being?
  • Are you struggling to understand true self care?
  • Is your relationship or career on the rocks with no clear path forward?

Your pain is real. As a successful professional, you've worked hard to get where you are, and despite having a good life you can't help but daydream about getting a break from it. What if you could create a life for yourself that you don't have to regularly escape from? I offer the space to help sort through what needs to change.

It’s time to invest in yourself.

Counseling Services

Sometimes people come to see me because something feels off but they aren’t sure what. With some thoughtful space and time we can come to know what has been unknown for so long. Other times people know exactly what is bringing them to therapy, but with more space to explore with a trained mind they may find it’s actually something else entirely. I practice depth oriented work that takes a commitment to the self and the courage to explore your own mind. I admit, therapy is somewhat mysterious, and for good reason. You never know what you're going to find once  your natural defenses start coming down, therefore your treatment will be unique to you. I wish I had the quick fix that the self help culture would like you to believe is out there, but after a decade in this business I have learned there is no magic bullet.

I view my role as somewhat of a detective. I hear what is said, but I also hear what isn't said. I can piece together the clues to make sense of your story and help you develop a deeper understanding of why you might be suffering - which can lead to greater self awareness, better decision making, and more satisfying relationships.

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Rachel Gabrielle


Intersectional feminist. Psychotherapist. Skeptic.

Hi, I’m Rachel. I help high achieving, professional womxn of all backgrounds realize their full potential through my practical therapeutic sensibility. Counseling was not my first career (or even my second), but it is my calling, grown out of my own quest for fulfillment, understanding, and authenticity.

By now you’ve seen all of the letters that come after my name. Those are hard-won, but not the most important piece of our potential journey together. For the last five years, I’ve worked exclusively with womxn and have been amazed by their personal transformations. My true passion is helping my clients find their voice, challenging them to take risks, and unapologetically step into their power. And maybe dismantling the patriarchy while we’re at it.

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